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Building a professional brand strategy to support MCCAED's global status presented us with a fantastic opportunity to develop a more confident and optimistic brand proposition, identity, website and communication collateral.
- UX and UI design
- Interaction design
- Copy writing
- Brand strategy
- Design system implementation
- Product strategy
The initial analysis of services and products within the mental health space showed a lack of personality and contrast in the brands, which restricted their ability to truly differentiate.
The sensitivity of the subject matter seemingly overpowering the confidence to communicate differently. A unique creative path was required acknowledging the two distinct parts to the MCCAED offering - outpatient services and global research and training programmes.
Our approach needed to be confident and carefully consider each audience in order to avoid confusion.
A considerate creative brand identity and graphic toolkit was developed supported by a suite of bespoke illustrations that cautiously considered the patient and body image stereotypes.
Managing the vast amount of information, across the professional and public audiences; including the development of an extended research archive, required a rigorous approach to the website architecture and interface. Establishing the hierarchy of information, layout principles, iconography and monitoring the tone of voice ensured the streamlined, logical and engaging delivery of critical information for the different users.
The new brand personality has been implemented across varying collateral, delivering the information succinctly and avoiding overwhelming the patients, which has been paramount.



With a distinctive brand identity, and confident creative approach, the MCCAED team continue to deliver industry-leading treatment, research and training. The new website enables quick public access to a wealth of information, much improved and successful patient referral functionality and an easily accessible, streamlined professional area for training and research. This area also contains a managed resource library for the MCCAED team to keep vital resources regularly updated.
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