Hi! 👋 I'm Matthew Chaplin!

I am a Senior UI/UX designer creating leading experiences in Gaming and the Healthcare, Automotive and Experiential industries for millions of users! Scroll down to see my work, or chat with me here:

A highly anticipated AAA, story-driven action adventure from Build A Rocket Boy. An epic new blockbuster journey set in a unique world, involving futuristic vehicles and weaponry, corporate and government conspiracies, and sinister new technologies.
Senior UI/UX Designer
Assassins Creed VR
Assassins Creed VR - Ubisoft's first AAA VR title, fully immersing players in history
UI/UX Artist
Splash Damage UI Test
A design test from Splash Damage, creating a main menu for a fictional game in the Dirty Bomb universe
DREST, the world’s first luxury styling game, using real-life fashion to become a top digital stylist!
UI/UX Designer
Doctor Care Anywhere
Doctor Care Anywhere is a virtual GP platform that allows for patients to access GPs and specialists
Product Designer
Extreme - E
A radical new racing series, The Electric Odyssey
Digital Designer
Alqami Data Specialists
Igniting data’s true power
Digital Designer
A pioneering NHS service that specialises in the treatment, training and research of eating disorders for patients aged 8-18
Digital Designer
The Carter Odyssey - VR Experience
An educational Ancient Egypt VR escape room
Infiniti Project Black S Reveal
VR car reveal experience
Digital Designer
The Camouflage Company
An e-commerce storage company, specialising in boutique designs
Digital Designer
Ice Cream Union
Creating an identity, VR restaurant and website for ice cream...
Digital Designer
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