Matthew Chaplin

UX/ UI Designer - (App, VR, AR,)

The Carter Odyssey - VR Educational Escape Room
This was my final project at Northumbria. This was the second project working with The Great North Museum; a large museum in Newcastle. The Carter Odyssey is a VR educational exhibit in the theme of an escape room set in Ancient Egypt. Virtual reality educational escape room - March 2018 Software used: Unity, SteamVR, VRTK, Blender
GOV.UK - Autonomous Truck Licence
This project involved working with the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) to create a service for a future need on the GOV.UK website, this project involved working with another student using guidelines and design principles to create a new service. Group project with GOV.UK - March 2018 Software used: GOV.UK guidelines, HTML, CSS & JavaScript
Sage One
This project involved working with Sage, a software development company that specialises in payroll for companies, we worked with the Sage One department where we had to design an application on desktop or mobile to fit a set scenario. In this project, I worked with another student that I have worked with previously. Group project with Sage One - December 2016 Software used: Sage Guidelines, Sketch, Sketch, Invision
Teamviewer Redesign
My take on a redesign of the TeamViewer app, an app that allows for the connection between devices to then be used as for its main function; a phone connected to a computer allows for the phone to be used as a mouse and keyboard. App redesign project - November 2016 Software used: Sketch, Zeplin, Invision
DiscovAR - Augmented Reality Museum
This project was a large personal project I worked on in the final year of my course. This was the first project working with the large museum in Newcastle; The Great North Museum. DiscovAR is an augmented reality companion to go alongside museum exhibits. Augmented reality museum project - September 2017 Software used: Unity, Vuforia, Blender
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