The Camouflage Company

The perfect coverup!

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E-commerce is an incredibly interesting piece to work on as it requires a large amount of thought put into the UX and the general design of the pages and layout of product pages in particular.
The Camouflage slogan of “The perfect coverup” was a great piece that was wanted to feature prominently which also ended up being the title of the social campaign following the launch of the website and their rebrand.
This page mostly introduces the user to several items that are being sold which then move you to select the type of pattern that would be featured on the item of choice.
Products page
The products page was laid out so that users can easily view both the design and the type of product it is.
User testing benefited this page greatly as the order of what information would keep a user on the page as long as possible as there was a large problem of retention on the original site.
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