Ice Cream Union

Who thought ice cream could be this cool?

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- Product design
- UX and UI design
- Interaction design
- Visual identity
- VR experience development
- Animation​​​​​​​
As the store at the time was being built, there was a great need for modifications to the development, creating the store inside of VR where the allowance of unique changes which can be applied quickly was a great help to the development of the store.
Designed as a one page system, Ice Cream Union is an enormous company in their industry, through their memorable spoons to the delectable ice cream. 
Keeping it simple and effective was a must for this project.
VR experience
Working alongside the architect for the store and the business owner, I created a 1:1 remake of the store while it was still in creation to easily allow for changes to the build whilst not needing to be destructive with the removal of walls and relocation of areas and appliances.
As it was an extremely agile project, the project was changing daily and sometime hourly.
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